Our 2014 vintage, an apple wine for wine lovers.

Rich with oak and wild fruit, and naturally still. This farmhouse cider is a blend of organic heirloom apples and Pineapple Quince. Hay bales, firewood, rich soil, sea salt, all of these ambient flavors make their way into the barrel.

After 8 months in neutral oak, this cider is gently racked to deliver a shiny appearance and bright fruit character. Buttery texture is complemented by nutty undertones, and layered over tropical fruit and vanilla. Serve it at room temperature for optimal enjoyment.


Funk Odyssey

A modern legend in the world of sour beverages.

"Funk Odyssey" is a blend of wild heirloom cider apples and rare Pineapple Quince, wild fermented and aged in bourbon barrels for 9 months. This still cider has been aged for an additional 12 months in the bottle, resulting in some of the most complex cider we have ever tasted.

Tangy, mouth puckering, and simply confusing to the palate. If you are looking for a real tongue twister, this is the cider for you. Wild farmhouse funk at its finest.