Here at Troy Cider, we celebrate the rich heritage of the apple industry in beautiful Sonoma County California. We forage incredibly complex fruit grown on the abandoned land of this world famous wine region, which provides us with the most incredible raw materials for our healthful living beverages. We cold press late harvest heirloom varieties into delicious juice, which is then fermented with only native yeast and plenty of patience. After nearly one year in oak barrels at our rustic Sonoma cidery, we hand bottle every last unfiltered drop without the use of sulfites….pasteurization….or any other preservative methods. Ready for you to shake, pour, and enjoy!

Troy Carter makes a delightfully archaic apple cider with apples he harvests from the abandoned orchards of Sonoma County. The trees are antique, some more than 100 years old, and while certain cultivars such as Gravenstein are recognizable, others remain unidentified. Carter adds nothing,letting the juice ferment dry, with only the ambient yeasts in the cellar. The unfiltered result is a cloudy, lightly sparkling, and modestly alcoholic adult beverage that communicates the very soul of the apple.
— Los Angeles Magazine
Welcome to the wonderful world of Troy Cider! Meet the artist behind our delicious organic creations, his name is Troy Carter. While cruising by motorcycle through abandoned apple orchards in Sonoma County, Troy discovered the most incredible heirloom fruit being grown on 100 year old trees amidst the many grape vines that have overtaken the area.