Darek Trowbridge has had a passion for fermenting beverages throughout his whole life. Darek began studying wine at a young age with his grandfather, Lino Martinelli who, like his father, Giuseppe, was growing grapes locally in Sonoma. Lino taught Darek the “old world” style of winemaking with the consideration that everything a vintner does in the vineyard and in the winery affects the flavors of the wines. Darek now uses what his grandfather taught him as a basis to make the best cider possible.

       TROY         CARTER  


Old, overgrown apple orchards were everywhere Troy looked when he took a post-college motorcycle trek along the back roads of California’s Sonoma Coast. Planted in the 1950s, these archaic trees had been fending for themselves in the generations since wine arrived.

Troy treasured the funky characteristics associated with artisanal cider and guessed that these ugly apples would be the perfect raw material for his favorite libation. An orchard owner told him he could pick all he could carry. And so it began, Troy Cider was first pressed during harvest season in 2012.



Cider expert. Lover of well made beverages. Protector of Sonoma apple trees. Drawn to the natural style behind Troy Cider, Mark joined the business during the spring of 2014.

Since joining the business, Mark has expanded our footprint across America and beyond. Cider fans may now enjoy Troy Cider in over 30 states, and also in Canada. Mark has a vision to keep our brand small, but also to make our ciders available in the leading cider destinations around the world.